“The effects of climate change are already costing people, communities and countries dearly today and are expected to have an even larger impact in the future.” – Globe and Mail

Trees clean our air and water, preserve our soil, provide homes for wildlife, cool our cities and towns, slow climate change and offer the chance to rejuvenate.

Forest Recovery Canada’s tree planting program ensures the future health of our forests. Together with our planting partners and our corporate supporters, we plant trees and restore forests that are failing in the face of climate change. From tree seed forecasting and collection, planting and ongoing maintenance, we ensure newly planted trees grow into healthy forests.

Forest Recovery Canada (FRC) is a national tree planting program, administered by Forests Ontario, that supports the future of our forests. Through partnerships with local planting organizations, municipalities, First Nations, ENGO partners and corporate sponsors, FRC plants trees to increase forest cover, add connectivity between forested areas, and help minimize the effects of climate change.

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Our Forest Restoration Process

Forest Recovery Canada and our partners oversee restoration projects, carrying out the following key steps:

  • Conduct site assessments to determine best suited species for the site and planting methods.

  • Conduct follow up survival assessments and deliver appropriate care. Return for tree seed collection.

  • Carry out site preparation and professional planting.

The support of our partners allows Forest Recovery Canada to offer more than putting a tree in the ground. We deliver a comprehensive approach to tree planting that ensures the trees we plant today will grow into tomorrow’s healthy forests.

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Upcoming Events

Ajax Community Tree Plant

October 21 to October 21

You are invited to join Forests Ontario and the City of Ajax to help increase forest canopy from 10:00 am to 12 pm. Trees, shovels, gloves and refreshments will be provided. This event is suitable for all ages and will take place rain or shine! High school students are eligible to receive volunteer hours for participation.

Advanced registration is required and will open in the coming weeks. Visit http://www.ajax.ca/en/livinginajax/Events.asp.

Making Canada's Forests Stronger

Our Partners

Forest Recovery Canada is thankful for the support of our corporate partners and planting agencies.

Forest restoration is an opportunity for your business to reduce risk, help mitigate climate change and grow a greener and healthier future for all Canadians. We work with you to develop sponsorship campaigns that best match your business/sustainability goals and contribute to Canada’s forests.

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We would love to hear from you. Contact us to chat about how to get involved, become a partner and create a program.

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Director of Communications & Development


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