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Arbor Day Foundation

The Arbor Day Foundation is the largest non-profit membership organization dedicated to planting trees. Founded in 1972, the Foundation has one million members and is responsible for the planting of more than 250 million trees in communities and forests around the world including the US, UK, Europe and Canada.

Their vision is to help others use trees as a solution to global issues such as air quality, water quality, climate change, deforestation, poverty and hunger.

The Arbor Day Foundation have a public-private relationship with Enterprise Rent-A-Car; together, they have pledged support to Forest Recovery Canada for tree planing.

Enterprise Car Rental/Arbor Day Foundation

Enterprise Rent-A-Car (“Enterprise”) is the largest transportation solutions provider, offering car and truck rentals, as well as vehicle sharing and sales. Enterprise is a family-owned company, headquartered in the United States and operating globally.

Enterprise strives to improve the health of ecosystems, with the understanding that greenspace is vital to human health and well-being. As part of its commitment to plant 50 million trees worldwide, Enterprise teamed up with Forest Recovery Canada (FRC) through the Arbor Day Foundation.

The Arbor Day Foundation was founded in 1972, and has grown to become the largest non-profit membership organization dedicated to planting trees.

In partnership with FRC, Enterprise strives to increase greenspace where it is most needed—worldwide! They have set a goal of planting 250,000 trees per year. Thus far—with the help of the Arbor Day Foundation–Enterprise has facilitated multiple tree plants in the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario.

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